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Top 7 Awesome Things to do in Mirissa

Sri Lanka, one of the highly acclaimed tourist country is a perfect mix of contemporary amenities blended with alluring beaches, local hospitality, and ancient culture. It is known for its various names like Tambapanni, Lanka, and Ceylon, etc. It is also blessed with divine beaches like Arugam Bay, Mirissa, and Bentota, etc.

But to name one of the most adored beaches is Mirissa Beach.
Mirissa Beach:
Mirissa is a small fishing village adorned with crystal clean beach! Not only can you roam the entire village on feet or cycle but also you can get a bike or a tuk-tuk on rent. Mirissa is filled with tons of activities that entice the tourists. Bodyboarding, Surfing, Snorkelling, Swimming, Ayurvedic nursing, whale watching Sri Lanka, etc.
Wide range of boarding facilities is available in Mirissa – local budget lodges, mid-budget, and luxury category hotels. To name a few are Wood Space, Little Tuna, Shady Lane, JJ’s hostel, etc.

Stay in Mirissa for around 3 – 4 days to enjoy fun-filled Mirissa beach:

1. Whale Watching

Whale watching Mirissa

Not only you get to watch whales but you get to watch dolphins and turtles as well.
* Season: Visit Mirissa during its peak season, which begins from November end (December beginning) to the end of March. The tours are operational in the lean period as well but hardly any whales or dolphins are seen around.
* Types of Whales: Though the whale is elusive don’t get disheartened as you can surely get the glimpse of Blue Whale, False Killer Whale, or Short-finned Pilot Whale if you are lucky.
* Types of Dolphins: Various types of dolphins – like Spinner, Spotted, and Bottle Nose dolphins can be seen around jumping in the water at ease.
* Tour Operators: Many companies are offering these short trips with excellent facilities, affordable rates, and tourist security. Usually, the double-decked ships leave the harbor at 7:00 am and returns at 11:00 am. These boats are fitted with comfortable benches or chairs. Remember to choose those operators who carry valid license issued by the Department of Wildlife Conservation. To mention a few are Whale Watching Club, Eagle Eye Whale Watching, and Mirissa Water Sports.

2. Coconut Hilltop

coconut hilltop mirissa
Coconut Hilltop Mirissa

This place is always open and is accessible via Bandaramulla temple. Also, you can reach here after 15 – 20 minutes’ walk towards the extreme left on the Mirrisa beach, provided it is not a high tide or rough sea. Before reaching the spot you will be captivated in the journey itself because it has few rock points and 3 separate bays.

* Captivating Sunset: With just 4m above sea level, an infinite view of the sea will mesmerize your inner soul. Especially, the sunset view will leave you spellbound. Tourist travel Mirissa and visit Coconut Hilltop to get the ultimate view of the sunset.
* How to Reach: Via Southern Express Way from Bandaranaike Airport within 2hr 45min. Also, various luxury bus services and government buses ply from the main cities towards the Coconut Hilltop.
* Where to stay: Choose from the wide range of Luxury hotels and budget lodges that are available in the adjacent area of coconut hilltop.

3. Secret Beach

As the name suggests, it is highly secluded & one of the most enticing places to visit on Mirissa Beach. The beauty of this beach is its seclusion with hardly any hotels or local bar. Not only have you got the local women selling coconuts but also fantastic sunset view can be experienced on this Secret Beach.

How to reach: There is no direct access to this secret beach from Mirrisa beach. Tuk-tuk will take you to the west of Mirissa beach but not onto the secret beach due to the sharp steep. Around 10 minutes’ walk will give you access to this undisturbed hidden beach.

Things to Do on Secret Beach: Serenity is what you get on this beach because there are no bars, tourists, or any other hindrance.
Coconut water is available in abundance. Snorkel is the best pass time as the sea is clear. This beach is highly suitable for Sunbathing.

Enjoy a glass of wine after sunset in seclusion without any DJ music or dance floor around.

4. Doctors House

A must-see for every tourist, which is just 15 minutes’ drive from Mirrisa beach. Located on the south coast of Sri Lanka it is a 200-year-old Dutch colonial-style structure serving as Ayurveda remedies. Even today the entire building is kept in its original state.
Why This Place Is Popular? Connoisseur of food will get fresh sea-food with various local dishes. Enjoy the part of live music concerts with the choice of your drinks. Lay back for a cool and relaxed afternoon at Doctors House.

5. Parrot Rock

Around 50ft high structure has given the name as parrot rock, which stands on the left of Mirissa beach.
How to Reach: Wallowing through the thin strip of sand on feet will take you to parrot rock. The path below is not completely visible hence can be tricky if you wade without any knowledge. Also, it is recommended to visit Parrot Rock during low tide. A big no during high tide.

On reaching the site, you can overlook the entire Mirissa beach. This is a picture-perfect place not only during sunrise or sunset but at any time of the day!

6. Learn To Surf

Weligama: is one of the most popular spots where you can get lessons within a very short period. The entire syllabus includes training from the experts and sufficient practice time after the completion of the course. One skateboard is also included in the course fee. The entire training is given by those professionals who have undergone at least ISA Level 1 Certification.

Weligama beach is ideal for novice and professional surfers.
How to reach? It takes around 15 minutes’ drive by scooter or tuk-tuk to reach Weligama. The recommended schools in Mirrisa is Surf School with Ruwan

7. Surfing

This beach is recommended for professionals or masters. Once you are confident and can successfully surf on beach

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