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Why is Ella in Sri Lanka Popular among Tourists?

Ella is one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. It is a place where you might want to visit one of your holiday vacations to enjoy a variety of popular tourist attractions. This town is always packed with travelers

You can visit the place alone or take your family out to Ella and have fun always to remember. But why is Ella in Sri Lanka a popular tourist destination and attraction?
Let us unravel the hidden treasurable scenes of the place.

Feeling Awesome Weather

Ella is located between the lowlands of the rainforest, the tea highlands, and the jungle. The weather is therefore very cool in the evening and again warmer in the daytime compared to the higher tea areas.

Generally, the weather is a conducive one, just how you would love it for a moment of relaxation. It does not have a high humidity either does it become very hot for you during the vacation.

I can say that the climate in Ella is temperate than other parts of the country

Exciting Hillcountry Railway Journeys

If you are fond of traveling on a train, then Ella is your place during the next vacation. The train rides welcome you to Ella in the most hospitable way and give you the best experience in the place.

The railway passes through the beautiful places like the paddies, forests and fields. You can be sure to one of your best and exciting rides from Kandy to Ella railway journey.

You can opt to use the first class on the train or the second class. The second class gives you a chance to interact with the local people in Ella and have an opportunity to taste the snacks they sell to tourists.

The Great Views of the Mountains

Ella Sri Lanka is famous for its breathtaking scenes of the mountains. Visiting the place gives you a chance to have different views of the mountains, something that makes your visit memorable.
The tea farms create a scene on one side while the other side of Ella is a jungle that is has concealed falls of water, all oozing on the foot of the mountains.
It is the best place to take photos.
The mountains make the place have a fresh air that feels excellent breathing.

The Fun Hikes through Lush and Green Tea Bushes

Ella Sri Lanka is a great place for hikes and trekking as well. The most popular areas for hiking and trekking is the Little Adam’s Peak and the Ella Rock where many tourists flock every time.

There are still waterfalls like Ravana where tourists love visiting. They usually come to explore the

The Railway and the Tracks

One of the most significant sites that tourists love visiting is the Demodara Nine Arches Bridge in Ella. Tourists enjoy walking either over or under it as they admire the mountains from this point.

The train tracks in Ella are also a great way of having a hike through different parts of Ella. They also give you a chance to socialize with the friendly people of Ella when you travel together with them in the trains.

A Great Atmosphere

Tourists love Ella because of its conducive atmosphere that is very serene. You can choose to hang out in a hotel overlooking the mountains or the waterfalls and enjoy the great sites.

It renders life beautiful and sweet when you visit Ella Sri Lanka.
These are some of the significant reasons why Ella is a great and popular tourist’s attraction center in Sri Lanka. Visit Ella and discover more!

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