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Dowa Temple

Dowa temple is one of the must-visit places in the Badulla district and it is located 7km away from the Ella town. This is easily accessible, quite calm and tranquil place among tourists

You can see spectacular rock caved statues of Buddha and Bodhisathawa some goads statues as well.

It is believed that the temple is around 2000 years old and wall art is about 400 years old. This was one of the places where king Walagamba was in hiding while preparing for fights/war against enemies until his time came to rule Sri Lanka

There was an underground tunnel, which is closed now. It was told that by using this tunnel they could go to “The Bogala Temple” several kilometers away.

You can see the uncompleted 38 feet Buddha statue carved on a rock cliff in the temple. It can be identified as Mahayana iconography. Due to the invading of enemies, King Walagamba was unable to complete the statue

Uncompleted Budha Statue

You can see the rock cave inside the temple and you can observe that the cave has three parts. You can see the beautiful 16th-century color painting inside these caves

Painting Inside Dowa Temple
Painting Inside the cave
Entrance to Viharaya