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Little Adam’s Peak


Ella is the most popular tourist destination in Srilanka due to its scenic view and some great hiking activities. There are two major hikes in Ella. One of them is little Adam’s peak Ella and the other one is the Ella Rock

The little Adams peak Ella got its name from its big brother which is the holy mountain Adam’s peak where the footprint of Lord Buddha is preserved) and this is because they have the same shape. Adams Peak can be found further west in Sri Lanka and not far from Nuwara Eliya and it stands at 2243m high.

Hiking on Adam’s peak is quite more exhausting and challenging climb than little Adams peak Ella. Adams peak is also known as Sri Pada and Samanalakande by the locals.

Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)

Little Adams Peak Ella which is similar to Adams peak is just 1141m high and it is going to take hikers about 45 minutes to get to the peak. You will then be rewarded with magnificent views at the summit.

This small beautiful mountain is located very close to the town. If you like you can walk to the base of the mountain or you can take tuk-tuk which is famour vehicle in Sri Lanka amoung tourists

You will surely get a nerve-wracking sensation while you enjoy the 360-degree panoramic views while the clouds roll in at the summit. Hiking on this trail is among the one of its kind experience that you should not miss while in Sri Lanka specially in Ella.

Little Adam’s Peak

How to get here

Little Adams Peak in Ella also has a plethora of other names, so you don’t need to get confused when coming here. Some locals call the peak Punchi Siri Pada, Little Adams Peak, and Small Adams Peak.

Little Adam’s peak is closest and also offers the easiest hike in Ella if you are staying in Ella town. The entrance of the peak is just about 15 minutes’ walk along the Passara road from Ella town.

You can also take the bus that is going towards Passara or a tuk-tuk to get here. To get to the peak from Ella town, you just need to go towards the Passara Road and at the 3rd-milepost that is after the Flower Garden Resort to your right that has a sharp bend, you will find the entrance there.

Trail starting @ Ella Flower Garden

Do I need to get a guide to hike?

No, you do not need you can do yourself because the path to the peak is very clear and you can see a lot of tourists on your way to the peak of the mountain

First portion of the hike is simple because of the moderate climbing. Last part of the hike is a steep set of stairs. Please hike before the day gets too hot or you can do early morning or evening

Hiking the trail

It is quite easy to find the hiking trails of Little Adam’s peak and this is because it is marked by signs which help to show the way that is next to the 98 Acres Resort. At the beginning of the path, you will be amazed by the magnificent lush green tea plantations that are filled with tea picking ladies. This peak is the perfect place to go if you want to know more about Sri Lanka tea and its tea industry. The best way to explore this peak is to take your time and take Instagram-worthy pictures with a magnificent background on your way to the peak. You will also meet some locals and tourist on the trail which you may engage in conversation with on your way.

After taking in the scenic views of the peak, you can then hike back down. During your trip down the peak, you should make sure you stop at 98 Acres Resort. This resort offers mouth-watering dishes with magnificent views. Although hiking in Little Adam is not that challenging and it is quite short, you will still love the scenic landscape and magnificent views from this peak. This is the best place to hike in Ella if you don’t have much time to spend in the town.