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Ravana Cave

This is another sort that Sri Lanka was connected with Ramayanaya. So this is very historic place in Sri Lanka

When you travel 2 km from Ella you can find the Ravana Temple where you have the entrance to Ravana Cave.

You can find the trek near the Ravana Temple and you have to climb 700 steps. The last part of the trek is bit difficult. You can find a teashop when you make a halfway in your journey. Here you can have nice Sri Lankan cup of tea or coconut water

Do not forgot to visit the temple on your way to Ravana cave because this temple has got amazing Buddha statue

Buddha Statue at Ravana Temple

On the way you can see amazing view of the Little Adam’s Peak

Once you reach the top you can see the entrance to the cave.

When you closely observe these caves you will see that these are not natural caves. People believe that the king Ravana builds these cave to hide the queen Seetha.

If you want to see the painting inside the cave you have to go deep in to the cave. Do not forget to bring some kind of flashlight if you intend to see the painting

Generally you can go up to 10m. You have to be careful if you go further. People say this tunnel goes to Dowa Temple and another tunnel goes to Nuwaraeliya. But no one has completed the journey through tunnel