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Rawana Fall

Rawana falls history in Sri Lanka

If you are coming to Ella to stay several days one of the things in your to-do list is to visit the Ravana fall

How to go to the Ravana fall

If you stay in Ella you have several methods to reach the falls. The fall is located 10 minutes drive from the main street towards Wellavaya.

You can use the following method to reach
1 If you like nature you can walk while enjoying natures
2 You can use the public transport system
3 Hire a tuk-tuk

As I think the best way to reach Ravana fall is, walking along the road. Distance to Ravana fall from Ella town is about 5km and it will take 1 and 30 min to complete the walk.

You can see the green valley between Ella Rock and Little Adam’s peak when you walk along Ella- Wellavaya road toward Ravana falls.

Rawana fall is a three tire cascade fall making a pool on the way to down. You can walk easily to the first tier of the fall and you can see a lot of local people are bathing here. Some times you feel that this is a crowded place.

But if you can hike to the second tier or third tier you can see some good view of the fall and cliff.

Please be carefull if you are going to expore this water fall beyond the first tier