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Ella to Tissa

LKR 7,500.00

Ella to Tissamaharama travel by Taxi – 7500
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Top sights in Tissamaharama

Tissa Dagoba

The 55m height white Dagaba looming between Thissa town and the Tissa Wewa was built around 200BC by the king Kawantissa

Tissa Wewa

The lake, an artificial reservoir, was built in the 3rd century BC

Yatala Wehera

This was built 2300 years ago by King Mahanaga. You can see lotus pond surround the stupa. The stupa is built on a stage made of large flat granite stones and has a surrounding wall of sculpted elephant heads, a moat, and a large moonstone

Tissa Museum

Just outside the Yatala Wehera you can see the small museum which has ancient statues (including a Buddha head made of Moonstone) and an ancient bidet

Debarawewa Clock Tower

This is iconic clock tower sitting on the junction. Ideal for good photography

Weerawila Wewa

Weerawila Reservoir is the biggest reservoir in the Tissamaharama area. It is fed by the Kirindi Oya

Sandagiri Wehera

This stupa is believed to be the oldest stupa in the southern part of the country

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