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Visit Tangalle Beach And Adjacent Beautiful Tourist Spots!

Around 195 km from Colombo, Tangalle is not only vital being an important fishing port of Sri Lanka but also the most popular tourist destinations. The origin of the local story stirred our inquisitiveness. The traditional name is Sinhala – the name that is derived from ran-gala means golden rock’! Lost in the time track, the belief passed on by generations goes very strong – One holy priest ate his meal on the rock, which was turned into gold in Tangalle!

Fishing is the main source of food and income of the localities. After the 2004 Tsunami, there is a decline in the tourism business as the redevelopment is at a slow pace.

The entire beach is filled with serenity and picturesque backgrounds. Turn around 180 degrees to see nothing but clean, white beach.

Though Tangalle beach is not very swimming-friendly we could locate an ideal bay around 150 meters ahead that can be recommended for relaxing and swimming!

Look around the beach – left or right – and you will have miles of white soft sand to wander or run around!

Locals around are highly amicable. They do have their restaurants offering coconut water and local cuisine at a value for money rates.


1. Mulkirigala Rajamaha Viharaya:

Around 18 KMS via Tangalle – Weeraketiya road, we took around 30 minutes to reach this beautiful Mulkirigala Rock Temple. It is a Buddhist monastery, which is around a 2000-year-old structure.

We were astonished to see the devalayas (temples), cave temples and horizontal Buddha statue.

2. Ridiyagama Safari Park:

It is around 49 KMS via Galle – Hambontota– Wellawaya highway. We had our vehicle so we could reach this beautiful site within 1 hour. This is the first-ever drive-through safari park covering almost 500 acres.

This is the home of almost all types of animals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, etc. Our photographs can vouch for it!

3. Goyambokka Beach:

Hardly 3 KMS from Tangalle Beach you can reach Goyambokka beach via Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya highway. We took around 5 minutes to reach this alluring beach.

We were stunned by seeing the huge waves. Some of our colleagues could not resist their temptations of surfing. Though it is recommended to surf under proper guidance.

4. Visit Tangalle Lagoon:

Hardly 6 KMS from Tangalle Beach, we were able to find the paradise of Sri Lanka. Go via Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya highway and reach here within 15 minutes.

We opted for a canoe (kayak) and went upstream for hours of canoeing!

5. Dry Zone Botanic Garden:

It is around 39 KMS via Hambantota – Wellawaya highway from Tangalle beach. One of the prestigious botanical gardens out of 5 botanical gardens of Sri Lanka.

It is open for 365 days a year!

6. Mirijjawila Botanic Garden:

It is again, around 38 KMS from Tangalle beach. The road is via Galle – Hambantota Wellawaya highway and we took around 45 minutes the destination.

The entire area of this garden is 300+ acres.

We got to see a wide range of dry zone trees grown-up in the most scientifically manner! Do not forget to visit and spend at least 2 hours in the garden.

7. Ussangoda National Park:

Not very far-off, it is around 29 KMS from Tangalle beach via Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya highways.

King Ravana (Ancient Hindu Villain who kidnapped Lord Rama’s wife Sita M-ata) had one of his airports around 5000 years ago.

We never thought of any kind of swimming attempt as the sea is very rough.

The entire soil is red-colored.

8. Medilla Beach:

Do not miss this beautiful beach, which is around 6 KMS from Tangalle beach. We took around 10 minutes lead time to reach this beach via Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya highway.

Many man-made breakwaters are allowing you to swim, otherwise, it is not advisable to swim.

An excellent place to stretch your legs and relax for a couple of days.

9. Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary:

This beautiful sanctuary is having various colorful birds from many parts across the world. Around 22 KMS from Tangalle beach, we reached there via Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya highway within 30 minutes.

We took a guided boat trip and saw kites, bittern, herons, and whistling ducts.

10. Hummanaya Blowhole:

It is around 14 KMS via Tangalle-Kadurupokuna-Beliatta road. It is considered to be the second-largest blow-hole in the entire world and the only one in Sri Lanka.

To reach this place we purchased a ticket with a nominal value and climbed up a few steps.

11. Turtle Watch Rekawa:

It is around 12 KMS from Tangalle beach via Galle – Hambantota – Wellawaya highway.

A well-recognized NGO has founded this Turtle Conservation Project in Rekawa. Do visit Tangalle to watch this scenic spot.

Distinguished Citizens Around Tangalle Beach:

Suwanda Silva: Principal dancer who was an educationalist, journalist, poet, and educationalist. Also, she performed a public show in front of Queen Elizabeth.

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